Wednesday, December 17, 2008


By K57:

What does it take to be an American?

The preceding inquiry is of an extremely controversial topic, one that would cause a clashing of different opinions when asked. Some would say it takes leaving one’s beloved home. This would cause a change in many of the things one may be used to. Government. Rank. Culture. Language. Standards. Others would say that, not only do immigrants leave their homelands, they also leave their loyalty to that country to join another. These people would say that loyal immigrants are hyphenated Americans and that they should not continue to show loyalty to their mother country. After further evaluation and analyzing, some even suggest that there is an American gene that distinguishes Americans from non-Americans.

Could this be true? Could there really be this “American gene”?

When first encountering this question, my immediate response was: “I disagree, this is impossible, this makes no sense.” However, as I’ve taken this subject more and more into consideration, I’ve realized that this could be true after all. Research shows that this gene is not present among people in other countries. Maybe there is a gene that makes us risk-takers, optimists, and people who like change. Maybe that is what draws all of us who contain this gene together, attracting us like a magnet, into creating an entirely new nation. Perhaps, this is what it takes to be an American, risking everything you’ve ever had to start anew, a whole new life with a whole new perspective.

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