Wednesday, December 17, 2008

What is an American?

From Egg:
What makes an American? A question we addressed today in class. We read several excerpts from multiple passages; discussed many theories. So, what makes an American?

After reading all the opinions from other writers, it’s still hard to come to a conclusion. According to the passages we have read, there are many factors that make an American an American. In the 1830’s, aspiring individual Crevecoeur speaks on America, from the perspective of one who wants their own fair chanced opportunity. He explains Americans as people who leave behind all past prejudices and manners, and take in new ones in their new life. He also speaks that all races are mixed into one new race, per say, and love America more than their ancestors’ country.

As told by President Roosevelt, Americans are known just as Americans, and should be proud of that. There’s no such thing as a hyphenated American, such as a Chinese-American or an African-American, but only one category for all; American.

For those of other countries, according to Dr. John Gartner, America is the land of opportunity. All immigrants come to America for their chance to become successful and have a great life. Americans can also be explained in a more technical way, by Dr. Whybrow. Apparently, people all over the world were born with this specific gene that tends to make people more risk-taking. Most the population of America has this gene, because of the risk-taking quality. This is because those ambitious people took the risk to come to America, and then passing it on to their children.
This is what makes you an American. Well, according to these people. You can form your own opinion about what an American is. My opinion? Well, as an American, I have a good idea of what an American is.

An American is one who takes pride in their country; one who takes in all the new prejudices and manners and such, from their new life. Unlike Crevecoeur, though, I believe that an American may keep some qualities of their original, or ancestors’ culture. You can take pride in America, as well as your origin country. I disagree with President Roosevelt’s idea of no hyphenated Americans, for the same reason. There can be Chinese-Americans, African-Americans, Indian-Americans, etc. because the keyword of that is Americans.

You may part of another country, but you will always be a part of America; be American. I agree with the thought that all these mixed races create one new race to make you love this country more. That’s one of the great things about America, the diversity of it.

An American is risk-taking; due to the gene, which has been proven. Americans have this ambitious quality and trait that tends to show mostly in Americans. Americans have certain special qualities and things about them, and I believe that this is what makes them American; a true American.

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