Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Big Mac

All of the first ten amendments, or Bill of Rights, are important, while some play a bigger role in my particular life than others. Some amendments that I don’t feel necessary are Amendment 2, 3, 4, 6, and 10. These are all amendments that are not of much importance to me.
Amendment 2 is the right to bear arms. Being under-aged, I don’t even have this right, so it’s pretty obvious that I can live without it. Besides, you don’t need a gun. The odds on your house getting robbed are very slim, and the chance that it will get robbed while you’re there is even less. It is more likely to accidentally shoot someone. Amendment 3 basically states that troops can not be quartered in your house in a time of peace. What’s the big deal having a couple of more people in your house? I do believe that they should not be allowed to stay unless it is totally necessary, though.
The fourth amendment says that there should be no unreasonable searches or seizures. The police should have the right to go through your home even without a warrant if something fishy is going on. Amendment 6 says that you have a right to a speedy, public trial. In my opinion, trials should not at all be public. Only immediate family members, the judge, the jury, the defendant, and the plaintiff should be allowed in the courtroom during the trial.
Finally, the tenth amendment states that all states can be independent to all others. It really isn’t necessary to have each state free. We are all part of the U.S., so why should our governments be any different?
Each amendment of the Bill of Rights plays an important role in some peoples’ lives. These five just don’t apply to me.


evermorefire said...

Even though you say that the police should have a right to search your house and everything without a warrant, the fourth amendment is protecting you from getting property that you bought getting taken away. Without the fourth amendment, the police could seize your house and kick you out for no reason, on the grounds that 'there is something suspicious going on'. That's why the fourth amendment IS necessary.
Also, without the sixth amendment, you wouldn't have the right to an impartial jury, which means that you could be tried by someone that hates you and would condemn you just because of who you are. The sixth amendment is also important because without it, you could be carted off to jail without knowing the nature of your crime. So, one day, someone could just suddenly come in your house one day and say, "Hey, you committed a crime, but I'm not going to tell you what you did, and I'm going to find your worst enemy and have them find you guilty."
The tenth amendment represents that the federal government has limited power. Getting rid of the 10th amendment means that the government can have as much power as it wants. Which would basically lead to a tyrant ruling over our country.
Now do you think that getting rid of those amendments was a good idea?


idk101 said...

I agree with most of your statements. Being me at only 12 years old, I am not able bear arms either and therefore this Admenment does not apply to me at this point in my life. Firearms should only be given to police officers that truly need them. I also agree that Amendment 3 is not much importance because it is not much of a big deal as you stated, "to have a couple more people in your house", and you will basically be supporting your country by quartering troups in your household. Though I believe the police should have a warrent because it is an ivasion of privacy for someone to be searching through your personal items without a court order. I do agree with you on the subject of the speedy, public trial because in my opinion everyone should have the right to privacy for a personal matter such a crime that they have or have not committed. Lastly, the states should have the right to be independent and individual if they want to be. America is supposed to be "the land of the free" as it states in the national anthem, The Star-Spangled Banner. With that said, I agree with you on most of your opinions such as that the 2nd, 3rd, and 6th Amendments of the Bill of Rights are not completely necessary.

Anonymous said...

Your blog about the Bill of Rights was well written.
without the third amendment troops would be allowed to barge in and live in your house until they feel like leaving. I dont think your parents or anyone else for that matter would be too happy about that.
without the fourth amendment , police could come in and search your house with or without a reason. not cool.
without amendment six, you would also lose the right to a lawyer and an impartial jury. not cool.
the tenth amendment was a good choice. your reason could be better.
Think about the rest of the country- they would lose the rights too.
I like your style of writing. I think more reseach was needed on the topic so you could better understand what each of the amendments allow you to have. Good job