Friday, September 19, 2008

From Mr. C.

September 17, 2008…221 years from the day our Constitution was born. We celebrate through a day called Constitution Day (I know so original right?). And of course everyone should be filled with glee and be gay about it, but not every amendment is completely necessary, or necessary at all. People are brainwashed to believe that our government is perfect and completely true at a young age, but it is not. In fact, it is my belief, and the belief of many others, that 5 of the amendments are unnecessary. These amendments are 3, 4, 5, 6, and 8. As I plan on proving, these amendments are not just or fair for the people and/or government.
Amendment 3, my favorite to argue against actually, is the right prohibiting the government to have troops in your home during peacetimes. Well, going back SPQR, if you were truly patriotic of your country you would let the troops sleep in your own bed, as I would. These men and women defend their countries, some by volunteer, and you won’t let them sleep in your room, well if you truly are an American, than you would let them be quartered in your house, if your not…one word of advise…LEAVE! That brings me to Amendment 4. Let us just say that your next store neighbor might have a nuclear bomb in his house, and you tell a police man while walking they might, the police man is then told by everyone else in the vicinity that he does also. But because of Amendment numero cuatro, they have to get a warrant. A warrant… to search a man’s house that may blow up all of Rhode Island, it has become that we will defend a man’s right, and risk thousands of others. If a police believes something is suspicious, than he should be allowed to search a house, and if you were a true American you would even cook him some dinner, and say thanks for doing his job. And now Amendment 5, this Amendment is long, but one part of it I believe to be unfair and very un-American. The fact that we can not be tried for the same thing twice is completely unjust. If I am tried for murder of my wife, and I am so called “guilty” but then they retrieve tape from a hidden camera in the room in which she was killed, but it has my next door neighbor Marie killing her. In that case I can’t be tried again; I would have to be tried for something else. And lawyers might complain that they could keep calling for another court case, well frankly I don’t care if you spend the rest pf your life trying the same man over and over again, and justice doesn’t mean easy folks.
Number six…the right to have a speedy, public, trial with a defense court, impartial trial, and cross-examination. Like number 5, I disagree with only a part of the Amendment, and I disagree with the fact that I have the right to a public trial and a speedy one. Again justice doesn’t mean easy or in this case fast. America shouldn’t be revolving around a faster court system, more of a just justice system. And sure you might have to wait for a trial, at least you are getting one, move to a Communism if you are unhappy, see what their court systems are like. And now number ocho, Amendment eight states that we have the right to no have excessive fines, bails and no cruel punishments. Let say if a town is really poor, and the crime rate is very high. The town can make money by making bail and fines higher, making the people richer along with the town. It all makes sense, crime would be unaffordable. And for the cruel punishments, if you kill someone, than you deserve horrible punishment, you kill someone; you kill yourself, so crime now becomes expensive and suicidal.
As you can see Amendment 3,4,5,6, and 8 are unnecessary, taking away the meaning of justice in our country. Our country was built on justice, freedom, and truth, and I expect all of us to preserve that, as Americans, as good people, and as freedom fighters.

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takotama said...

I disagree with you on Amendment 3, actually. I'll admit it, this Amendment DOES seem a bit silly, but why should one have to have soldiers in their house during peacetime? If we didn't have this right, then perhaps our troops would be freeloading off of us. Besides that, I completely agree with you.