Thursday, September 18, 2008

From havemorecookies

Without the Bill of Rights, I might not even be sitting here typing this article. Instead I might be cowering in a corner with my family in my house, scared to death of being taken away because I said my thoughts out loud. The Bill of Rights are extremely important (keep in mind that I might not even be able to say that if it werenʼt for the BOR), and we need this freedom to feel safe in our country. However, there are some I would be willing to give up. Amendment II, the right to keep and bear arms, states that you have a right to weapons, or owning a gun. I donʼt own a gun, and I donʼt think there will come a situation soon where I need one. Amendment III states that troops may not be quartered in homes during peacetime. There is no point of living in someone elseʼs house when you have your own house, so why would a soldier come knocking on my door when there is no war? Iʼm sure there a law for trespassing someone elseʼs property. Amendment IV states that nobody can be put on trial for a very serious crime, unless a group of people called a grand jury first decide that there is enough evidence to make a trial necessary. I would give this up because even if I did have a trial, there is still a chance that I am proved not guilty of the crime. Amendment VII states the right to a jury trial. A jury is needed so different opinions can be heard, but if the crime is really that bad, then the judge wonʼt change their decision easily. Amendment 9 states that you have more rights than just the ones listed in the Bill Of Rights. Some of those rights are natural rights (life, liberty, property, pursuit of happiness). Other amendments mostly cover those. Amendment 1 allows you to have the pursuit of happiness.

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