Thursday, September 18, 2008

From dpmk24


If I had to abdicate 5 of the ten amendments on the Bill of Rights, it definitely would be a difficult choice.

Amendment One: Keep
We all need freedom of speech and expression. Even though some of us may be less than others in terms of writing ability, we all should have the right to point out problems and such. We all should have the right to freedom of religion even if we worship invisible flying spaghetti monsters.

Amendment Two: Keep
What if a government seizes control over America? We may erupt into civil war (again). Without the right to bear arms, we are defenseless and can only run and hope we live. Of course, this would also help so someone could assasinate the leader.

Amendment Three: Discard
It may seem unwise to do this but seriously, if they live at your house, it makes it all the while easier to slip them poison in their coffee. Otherwise, you could make like Home Alone and knock them out with household objects.

Amendment Four: Discard
Even if the government seizes something, you can probably surprise them with a firearm and get the property back. Then, after losing some officers, they'll give up and look for something else to seize.

Amendment Five: Discard
Actually, this isn't really helpful as if you commit a "crime" against the law a judge isn't going to decide your verdict. The officer who catches you firing his gun.

Amendment Six: Discard
If you really do go against the government and have an impartial jury, the government would give an elaborate case against you in which you are sure to lose. Plus, they can probably slip some money to the jury,

Amendment Seven: Discard
Same as Amendment Five, the police will probably just plunk you into jail without a trial.

Amendment Eight: Keep
It always helpful to (if you don't get plonked in jail) have a protection against excessive fines and such so you won't fined a million dollars for walking outside your house.

Amendment Nine: Keep
The Rights after the Bill of Rights include some important ones and shouldn't be disregarded such as voting for President. The President cannot reject this and we are allowed to not vote for him. Basically, he can't be a ruler until death.

Amendment Ten: Discard
Technically the states wouldn't really have any power anyway because the President woudl consolidate all of it into his position and incarcerate or slaughter those who do not conform.

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evermorefire said...

"Abdicate"? Dude, you used the Microsoft thesaurus, didn't you! Just kidding. I'd put a smiley face here, but I'm not allowed to, apparently.
Whoa, dpmk24. "Slip poison in their coffee"? I always knew you were sadistic...
I'd like to point out that your logic in Amendment 4 is very flawed. (Not that you didn't already know that.) You think if you kill a couple officers here and there they won't shoot back at you? Sorry to disappoint you, but the moment you pull that trigger, you're life is prone to go bye-bye.
Also, amendment 7 isn't about going to jail or whatnot. It's about getting your money back. Say someone trashed your mom's car. According to amendment 7, this person cannot just say, "Oh sorry, I don't have the money to pay you back. I can only pay you ____ amount," as long as the number isn't lower than what he/she owes you by 20 dollars. If the number DOES exceed 20 dollars, you are free to take it to court.
Why would you keep amendment 9? It's useless! The entire essay is about which amendments you would get rid of if need be, and amendment 9 is supposed to prevent your rights from disappearing. If you get rid of the other amendments that you said you didn't need, isn't that saying that amendment 9 is useless?