Thursday, September 18, 2008

From bluemoose

If I had to give up 5 Amendments from the Bill of Rights, they would be the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 7th, and 10th. I would give up the right to bear arms because if they became illegal, then no one else would have guns and I wouldn't need to defend myself against other guns. Hopefully that would also make it harder for criminals to use guns because by using them, they're admitting to having an illegal item in their possession. Amendment 3 states that no one can be forced to let a soldier stay in their house. However, I don't think it is likely the government will want soldiers to stay in citizens' houses. Even if they do, housing isn't that big of a sacrifice compared to what many soldiers go through during wars. I'd also give up the requirement of obtaining a search warrant before searching a person's home or other property. If you don't have any illegal items with you, then having a police person searching through your belongings shouldn't be that big of a deal. Amendment 7 declares any court you are in during a trial must be recognized by the government. However, as long as you have an impartial judge as required by the 6th Amendment, a private court would serve the same purpose as a government-related one. I would give up the 10th Amendment because I don't think that it has a big impact on people. It only says that the state determines any laws on subjects that are not mentioned in the Constitution. It doesn't seem like an amendment that affects people as much as ones about free speech and free press or other rights in the 9th Amendment.

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Name said...

Personally, I would not give up my right to bear arms. Even if they did become illegal, do you really think that the government would refrain from using them in dire emergencies? I would also doubt that any criminal would really care if they were admitting that they had illegal weapons in their hands. They're criminals! I appreciate your generosity for housing soldiers. However, this could become a negative thing, when people begin taking advantage of this and lying about being a soldier. Having the police search your house is another thing I would not allow. All people deserve their privacy whether or not they possess illegal items or not. It would become troublesome to have men knock on your door for a weekly checkup. I also disagree with your decision about the 10th ammendment. If your state has one unfair leader, you could end up very unfortunate.