Friday, September 19, 2008

From Evil McNuggets

The freedoms that our Bill of Rights gives the people of America are cherished throughout the country. However, the five Amendments that I cherish most are the First, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Ninth Amendments. It would be complete insanity to give up any of our valued rights, but the Amendments I believe are still important, but not quite up to the same importance as the others, are the Second, Third, Fourth, Seventh, and Tenth Amendments. Without the Bill of Rights our country would be in ruins and the Government would ruthlessly control us. Without the Bill of Rights we might as well be speaking with a British accent, asking someone to pass the tea.
In the First Amendment, it states that the people of America have freedom of press, freedom of religion, and freedom of speech. This gives us the ability to believe in anything we want, say almost whatever we want, and print anything we want, as long as it’s appropriate. Without this Amendment the Government would control everything on the television, computers, and newspapers, and we would have to have to practice what ever religion they wanted us to. This makes this Amendment valued all over America. The Fifth Amendment says that you are not obligated to answer anything that any person asks you, until you are in court with an impartial jury. Without this Amendment the Government could control any aspect of a person’s life, and they couldn’t do a thing about it. The Sixth Amendment states that you have the right to be put on fair trial, and you are innocent until proven guilty. In the Eighth Amendment your right to not be charged excessive fines or bails and to not be cruelly or unusually punished is given. In a world without this Amendment, you could be charged an extra fifty dollars on a parking fine because the policeman didn’t like your face, or criminals in jail could have their ears twisted around four times a day just because the guards feel like it. Lastly, the Ninth Amendment says that the laws in the Constitutions cannot be changed around for specific people, and they cannot be bent for people who have special connections to the Government. If you break a law, you break a law, and that’s that.
The Second Amendment I believe is not important because no one in America (other than soldiers or policeman) needs to own a gun. A gun is not a weapon of defense, it is a weapon of attack, and cannot really protect you from anything, just scare others. Also, the only reason citizens would need a gun is to protect themselves from an armed criminal, and if there was no freedom to bear arms, there would be no armed criminals! The Third Amendment is not as significant as the others because recently and currently there are no wars going on in our country. With no wars going on in America, soldiers will not be fighting here, and do not need to come into our homes anyway. The Fourth Amendment isn’t the most beloved law because if you follow the law, and don’t get tangled up in criminal business, there would be no reason for your personal belongings needing to be searched. In the Seventh Amendment of the Bill of Rights, it makes clear that any case involving a value of more than twenty dollars must be tried with a fair jury or in any court in the United States of America. I believe that this Amendment is basically useless at this day and age because all cases involving money today are much more than twenty dollars. This Amendment should not be taken away completely, but the amount of money it involves should be increased. Finally, the Tenth Amendment of the United States of America Bill of Rights says that each State has its own Government, and that each State can have separate laws than other States. This is not as important because every State should have the same laws. That way, if you cannot get out of committing a crime in one State, you have no where to run to. Though these Amendments seem not as important as the other Amendments, they are extremely necessary, and I would not give them away unless I had absolutely no choice.

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swiss said...

I liked your essay because the way you described the amendments showed how we would be affected and how the government would control us if we did not have it. But I think since we are so used to having these rights, we'd find it more scandalous if they were taken away. If we never had those rights in the first place, we may not find it so important to protect them. I think you only made the comments at the end, that you would not give up any of your rights, because of the fact that you (and the rest of us) are American and are used to having our freedoms.