Friday, September 19, 2008

From DeliciousCake

The Bill of Rights, it’s something we all are protected by and have to follow. But what if we could only have 5 of the 10 rights in the Bill of Rights? This decision puts anyone who tries to answer it in a tough situation. We all have lived with the Bill of Rights and the 10 amendments that are on it for our entire lives, so who knows what would happen if we had half of those rights taken away?
If I had to choose 5 of the 10 rights, I would choose freedom of speech, the right to bear arms, the right to privacy, the right to no cruel and unusual punishments, and the right to a trial by jury. I would choose to keep freedom of speech because it is one of the most important amendments. It allows us to speak our mind freely, without being arrested. I would choose to keep the right to bear arms because it’s one of the few ways that people can protect themselves from people that are trying to hurt them. I would choose to keep the right to privacy because nobody really wants someone to know every little thing about them and everything they’ve ever said to anyone. I would choose to keep the right to no cruel and unusual punishments because everyone deserves to get punished equally if they have all done the same crime. Finally, I would choose to keep the right to a trial by jury because without a jury, one man can be making a decision that can change or end someone’s life. That person’s judgment can be way off and you could be unjustly punished. Without this right, someone who is famous and rich could be treated differently than a person who is poor and not famous at all.

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