Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Evil McNuggets

The Bill of Rights is of great importance to our country. Without most of its Amendments, living in America would be insanity! But, if I absolutely had to efface one Amendment on the Bill of Rights, I would chose the Second Amendment. This Amendment, although it was once a greatly needed law, is no longer a necessity. In fact, most people would be better off without it. When the law was created, America was in a state of war, and therefore, the people of this great country needed protection in case of a surprise civilian attack by the opposing British forces. In this day and age, America's citizens are no longer in as much danger as they were back in the 1770s. Yes, we do have terrorist attacks, such as 9/11, but there is nothing we could do to stop that with a personal gun. The only threat to American civilians at this point in time is an armed criminal. If America didn't have the right to bear arms, we wouldn't have any armed criminals, and criminals without guns are much easier to catch. Without the Second Amendment, America would be a much safer place. The only people who should be able to carry a gun with them should be the law enforcement.
The most important Amendment is definitely the First Amendment. Without the Government giving us the freedom to believe in any religion we chose, or the freedom to speak out against something we don't find a particularly good thing, there might be a rebellion, and many protests. It is very important to the citizens to be able to express these rights. Any racists who hate any particular religion cannot do anything about the people who are faithful to that religion. If they commit any act of hatred towards a religious group, or people with certain opinions, they will be thrown in jail. This Amendments is one of the many that separates us from the dictatorships and communist countries there are in the world. Without the Bill of Rights, America would a terrible place to live in. The Government would control each and every one of our lives and we couldn't do a thing about it.

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