Thursday, September 18, 2008

From Slater

When it comes to the Bill of Rights, I, as an individual, would choose certain amendments over others. To begin with, in my lifestyle, I think that the Second Amendment doesn’t apply to me. As important as I think it is to be able to defend myself, I do not think that I would need to bear arms. Not only do I think that if I needed to defend myself, I could hurt someone as it is without a gun, but I also think that holding a gun doesn’t solve problems; if anything, it makes them because of little children playing with them, or threatening to use it, both of which, could result in serious consequences.
The Third Amendment is another amendment that I could do without. As much as I wouldn’t like having soldiers randomly come into my house, if there was a reasonable enough explanation, I would accept it. In my opinion, having military come into my house is far better than having my freedom of speech taking away, not to mention, I know I would be able to deal with it.
The Sixth Amendment is another amendment from the Bill of Rights that I would be able to deal with not having. As much as I would want a quick trial, a jury of ordinary people, the right to know what I am accused of, and the right to a lawyer, I would be all right with not having any of those. After all, it doesn’t mean that I don’t have the rights to all of those; I just don’t get them right off the bat. If I ask, I would be able to hear what I am accused of, I would be able to find a lawyer. The only difference is, my lawyer would have to be at my own expense, but if the case was big enough, big bucks is worth it.
In addition to the rest, the Seventh Amendment is one that I don’t see as very important. To begin with, I would try not to do something that would get me in a civil case or sued. But if that doesn’t work out (which, people as volatile as they are probably won’t) I would be fine to have a civil case without trial by jury. If the trial was based on evidence, the law, and a unbiased judge’s opinion, I think that the result would be no different than that of a trial by jury. After all, people on Judge Judy don’t get a trial by jury and they end up just fine. Kind of.
I also think that the Tenth Amendment is one that I would be able to live without.
I don’t think that it is fair that separate states have their own laws. If anything, something that is allowed in one state and prohibited in another means that there is something acceptable in that, something that would be a good enough reason to allow it. Congress should vote for it as a nation-wide rule, and (when needed) the people can vote. Overall, though, I like the rights that I have, and if I had a choice, I wouldn’t choose. I couldn’t choose. This is the future of my life, we’re talking about here.

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