Monday, October 20, 2008

Cheez: Election Views

For the 2008 Presidential Elections, I believe that John McCain’s ideas will win. He wants to keep businesses in the U.S.A., and make sure that enough jobs will be available to sustain the people in the country. Because of how high the taxes are for the companies, they have started to move to other countries. The US has 35% of taxes, whereas places like Ireland have 11%. Obama, however wishes to tax these rich companies that will provide jobs, but then take the money to give to the poor. These immense businesses have worked for the money. Money means a lot to them, and to have even more of a tax on their income would cause them to abandon the US altogether. McCain also wishes to stop the fast decline in home ownership by “providing a floor”. In other words, he wishes to take 300 billion dollars and help pay off the home loan mortgages of 11 million homes or more. This will help not only the people who weren’t able to pay off the mortgages, but also to allow the people who were able to pay it, whose neighbors have moved out and caused their home value to decline. Another problem is that Obama, who wishes to cut taxes for people with an income of less than 250,000 a year, will also raise it for those above it. Not everyone above that is rich, is wealthy. For them to keep going, they wouldn’t want to pay more just because they are in the middle. Obama’s views don’t help their businesses or jobs, and they would have to just pay more taxes, which is unfair. Hence, McCain’s ideas for the US after the economic crisis will help the people throughout, and help create the stable country we were before.

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