Monday, October 20, 2008

k57: Election View

With nothing but a couple of weeks left till the election, I deem that it’s very important for people to understand which president is more availing towards this economic debacle we are currently in. Personally, I agree more towards Obama than McCain. This is predominantly because of Obama’s tax relief plan. Obama is providing 95% of working families that make less than $200,000 per year with tax relief. Quite the contrary, McCain plans to help the upper class, people getting more than the average income. Obama believes, and I certainly agree with him, that people who get more money can afford to pay more taxes, which will allow people of not such wealth to get tax cuts. Though I believe that it’s important to help everyone out, in this instance, wouldn’t it be better to help the more overbearing population, as opposed to just the elite class? Besides, we need someone to pay the taxes, everyone just can’t get tax cuts; how would the government run without tax? We definitely need a balance, and Barack Obama understands his priorities, to get this country out of this economic crisis. By helping rich people who are already in good condition, McCain will be missing out on the rest of the American population. This is what discerns Obama’s plan from McCain’s plan and what certainly puts it above it. In fact, research shows that Obama’s rescue plan will provide 3 times more tax relief to the middle class than McCain’s plan does. As Obama’s tax cut will be $60 billion and geared towards 95% of the working population, I deem that it will provide the U.S. with a significant step in getting our country out of the economic crisis we are currently in.

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