Monday, October 20, 2008

From Curly: Election Views

To vote or not to vote, that is the question.
The decision of who to vote for this year is a big time “I don’t know”. Obama wants to make a lot of ‘big plans’ to help our country. The plans are great, except for the fact that they cost billions and billions of dollars that we don’t have. Our country is already in debt and all Obama wants to do is spend, spend, spend. Where is the money coming from? McCain wants to rebuild our country economically. Though he is extremely old (There is a chance that he will die during his first term. In this case, Sarah Palin would be president. Many people in our country don’t trust her with this task.) and he is not strong in debates, his plan for our economy would ‘rebuild’ our country and improve our global status.
Obama has BIG plans for office. Four years will not be enough for him to get very far with those plans. Even eight years is not enough time. The next president in office would be left with a tremendous amount of debt and a ton of unfinished work that he/she might not want to deal with. The building debt is setting the stage for a second Holocaust. At this point, the only way to get billions, maybe even trillions of dollars back into our country’s economy would be to take it from somewhere; people in our country are too lazy to work for it.
Of course McCain will have to spend money. He should spend a fair amount of money in his term without over-spending. His plan is to rebuild our economy by bringing reform, prosperity and peace to America. His plan will provide workplace flexibility, relief for families, government reform, support for small businesses, cheaper and cleaner forms of energy, better healthcare, simpler and fairer taxes, and lower trade barriers.
Both Obama and McCain have plans that would help our economy, but McCain’s plan will bring prosperity to our country. The next president needs to take the US to rehab, and get her through it. Only then can we make ‘big plans’- only then will we be able to afford them. Obama’s time to shine as our country’s president will come. We just aren’t quite ready for him.

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Justin Timberlake said...

McCain is too old so he will die in his first term? From thoughts of other people, you think that Sarah Palin is not fit to be president? I find this completely foolish and silly. There is absolutely a rare possibility that he will die in his first term. That should never be a reason why you shouldn't vote for him. Because of his age? He is older than 35 and qualified to be president, and that is all that matters. About Sarah Palin, are you actually relying on other people's opinions to figure out your own? If you listen to another person who listened to another person who based his opinion on the media's opinion, that is just plain wrong. Lately, the media has been very biased and thrown many attacks on Sarah Palin. Two examples would be CNN and MSNBC. Last of all, what big plans is Obama thinking about that doesn't take eight years to establish? All he's doing is using a 60 billion dollar tax cut on 95% of Americans and "spreading the wealth around" to make the middle class prosper. Other than all of that, I agree that Mccain's tax plan is better than Obama's tax plan for several reasons.