Monday, October 20, 2008

Slater: Election Views

It’s kind of funny how a short discussion that was supposed to last ten minutes ended up forty-five minutes long. In class, we watched two short segments of the third and final presidential debate about the Senators’ plans for the economy. We discussed them afterwards a bit, which is to say we attacked Senator Obama for having a socialistic plan to help our economy gain way again. I personally spoke out against it, being greedy enough to admit that I would rather keep my money and have some family thousands of miles away from me that I don’t even know starve than give it to them to buy meals at McDonalds.
After watching two short segments in class of the third and final presidential debate between Senator Obama and Senator McCain, I have come to a simple conclusion of the mates’ economic plans.
They are making us choose the better of two evils.
Democratic nominee Barack Obama’s economic plan to get us out of the mess we are currently in is to have tax breaks for working families that make under a quarter of a million dollars a year, returning their taxes to how they originally were, and then raise taxes to those making over two hundred fifty thousand dollars a year. Which is great and everything if you fall under the cut, but what if you were someone who was successful, made the right decisions, and honestly earned that money? It is unfair for a person with a thriving career to have to make up for the stupid mistakes of others. I mean, sure, there’s never a bad idea of “spreading the wealth around” but that doesn’t make it immune from having a bad way of doing so. Socialism is not the way, Senator.
John McCain, the Republican nominee, on the other hand, offered a different plan. Instead, he suggested, as a short-term fix, of taking three hundred billion dollars to buy the home loan mortgages to let the people keep their houses and have the banks get the money they normally would. He is suggesting giving tax breaks to corporate companies and to senior citizens. My problem with him is that if he is planning to give tax breaks to such large groups of people, I would like to know where exactly he is planning to get the money to do some of the short-term things he planned, the three hundred billion dollars he wanted to use to buy mortgages, to be exact.
Where’s Hilary when you need her?

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