Monday, October 20, 2008

havesomecookies: Election views

Once upon a time, a girl had 5 cookies. She had worked extremely hard to earn these cookies, and they were her lunch for the day. Her task was to give 2 dogs a bath and wash a car. Her labor had paid off because now she would not be hungry.
But there was another little boy who had to water the plants and scrub the floors but got only 1 cookie. He had some food, but not nearly enough to satisfy his hunger.
According to Senator Barrack Obama, the little girl should give some of her cookies to the boy so they can “share the wealth.” Senator John McCain would give the little boy more cookies so that they could be equal.
Obama’s plan to help the U.S. economy is to lower taxes on lower and middle income workers, but raise them on upper class citizens. But why should the wealthier people who got an education and found a job have to pay for other people’s mistakes? Some citizens choose to drop out of school, or have kids when they’re not making a living yet. If they don’t get a good education, they won’t be able to get a good job. It’s not the upper class’s job to use up their energy and effort to help other people when they’re the one who should be getting the money. Everyone has a choice, and the lower income workers made mistakes. The upper class workers shouldn’t have to suffer for their problems. Sure, donating a few dollars to a charity once in a while is fine. But the money they would lose is a lot more than a few dollars, and it’s not fair that they have to support others too.
McCain’s plan seems fair, but where will all the cookies come from? There are only so many cookies in the cookie jar. Giving money to the poor will result in other problems because there is not enough money in the government to spare. However, at least with McCain’s plan everybody will be receiving the same tax cuts.
There is not an easy answer to this economic crisis.

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