Tuesday, October 21, 2008

ClappityClap: Election Views

Math is a type of subject that has only one solution, and only one certain answer (2+2=4, never 2+2=L). The subject of the economy is different. There is no certain answer, and the answer you make might get could possibly not work out in the end. Both presidential candidates have a plan to steer us away from a bigger economic crisis, and both just happen to be different approaches to the same solution: Intergalactic peace to your wallets.
John McCain, the Republican candidate, proposes to buy home loans, and reverse the decline on loans throughout the nation. He also promises affordable health care and a 52 billion dollar cut on Seniors (including him?) on the topic of business, he wants to encourage jobs by cutting business taxes and no tax increase on small businesses. All this could help the economy greatly by increasing product exporting, and making the dollar affordable.
Barack Obama, the Democratic candidate, wants to fix the Energy policy and Health Care policy, and get it right. He also wants tax-payers to eventually get their money back, and proposes tax-cuts for people making under 250,000 a year. That’s 95% of the people in the U.S.! But, the ‘downside’ is that it is basically take from the ‘rich’, and give to the ‘poor’ (remind you of anybody?). In terms of businesses, he also wants to create more jobs, create more product exports, and save the world, but he includes in his speech that he wants to give tax credit to U.S. companies, which is good for us.
I, Clappity-Clap, prefer Obama’s plan. He wants to take away what we as Americans do not want (taxes), and give us the chance to revive the American dollar by exports and jobs. Also, his plan to take from the rich and give to the poor, while many would mentally oppose it, will create equilibrium to our country. McCain’s plan does have its ups and downs, but overall, I believe that Barack Obama can really pull this nation back together.
Basically, both candidates have solutions, and they are both possible, but which could work? Which will get the chance to work? Which can save the United States from the Great Depression V2?


Justin Timberlake said...

If you are rooting for Obama just because he's lowering taxes. Well, Mccain is lowering taxes too. The reason why I think that Mccain's tax plan is better is because it impacts the most famous American which is...... Joe the Plumber. Do you think it is fair to take money from hard-working businesses and send it down to the poor. Another Robin Hood is not going to save America from its dying economy. Anyways, Obama is going to make the economy worse by taxing the growing businesses that make at least 250,000 dollars. There are a lot of businesses that make that much. All of those businesses are going to fall. Its unfair to make money from people who work really hard to earn it. Just look at Joe the Plumber! I think that Mccain will make the economy better.

Alexander the not-so-great said...

I agree with justin timberlake. If Obama taxes businesses that make more than 250,000, those will keep moving to India, and that will leave us poor. On top of that, I heard that Obama will pump about 8 billion dollars into the economy. Apparently, he hasn't thought that that will lower the value of the dollar even more, and we would also be making less money. Most of the money eventually falls into the pockets of corrupt politicians like our governor, so all that Obama would do is make him and others like him richer. In the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the middle class disappeared and the social pyramid flattened out. It seems like Obama would speed that process up. Of course, I don't like McCain, either, because he hasn't realized that Russia has the biggest stock of chemical weapons in the world (leftovers from the Cold War) and he's going to get us into a second, more dangerous war than the last one without even bothering to clean up the first. But I'd rather that McCain became president than that Obama became president. I think that McCain will lead America to the Future (once he's done letting the Russians and Iraquis kill off the American soldiers, of course).

takotama said...

I ALSO agree with Justin Timberlake, and Alexander.

China also attempted the "Robin Hood" method, and it was a miserable failure. Making the taxes higher for rich people seems anti-American to me. This sort of idea encourages people to make less money in order to pay less taxes. In other words, this method encourages people to work less, and to abandon the American dream of becoming a millionaire.
Why punish the successful?