Monday, October 20, 2008

Mr. Communist: Election Views

Let me just say a few things about my history. Back in the 1400’s my family lived in Spain. We were advisors to the king in Spain, advisors to the k-i-n-g. But, after a few decades we got kicked out of Spain, why? Well, my family was Jewish. They were Spanish, but they happened to be Jews. So, we packed our bags, and ended up in Italy, which at the time had a flourishing Jewish community. My family lived in Florence and Ferrara, but we were still Jewish. Over decades my family became prestigious and extremely wealthy, selling wine. But, the King needed money, and since we were Jewish, took our hard earned money, and kicked us out. That’s how the Ferraras (at the time), ended up in Lithuania. We sold our goods, making by, nothing like when we were in Italy (we were simply middle-class). Guess what happened? We got booted out, so next stop Russia. As we get into Russia, they are taking thousands of boys for their army. Afraid and in distress, our family gives a small family the Bankas’ money, that we hid in Spain over the years (our family though it was a myth, until a family we knew told us it was true.) and adopts their name (for only one boy per family was taken). The small family was a group of doctors, and over the years the Ferraras became known as the Bankas’. Yet, through all the hardships, my family kept a few things, the heritage, religion and ambitiousness. The Tsars began to raid Jewish villages and kill any Jew they wanted to. And one day little Shara, runs into their small, humble house, and is killed on her way into the door. The Bankas’, with hate and tears in their eyes, simply left. They went to Germany (they made such great choices of location). And their Miriam was born. The family knows no home, no sturdy history, no foundation, only their Jewish pride. So, this small family packed their bags for the hundredth time. Miriam was the only one that escaped the German Anti-Semitic wrath and made it to the true Promised Land… “America.”
Today, my name is (blank), and for the first time in my family’s story, we have a sturdy house to live in, and a good life. We came here for education and opportunity- socially, religiously, economically. My dad works for UBS for 25 years now, and makes above what is considered “middle class.” Yet, once again, my family’s money might be taken away from us, sullying one of the only reasons why my family came here. My father works extremely hard, wakes up at 5 am, goes to NYC, and works from 7am-7 to 9pm. But, if Obama (the opportunity destroyer) is elected my father’s money is stolen and given to Joe the plumber’s cousin, who dropped out of high school, and is now a McDonald’s worker and 45. And, yes, this man’s family may have come through hardships, but he ruined it, he had a nice future, an A+ student, but gave it up, gave up the American dream. Why should my father be forced give up his opportunity to some one who chose to give up his opportunity? Why should my father’s sweat and hard work be spread out, to people some of who have never worked a day in their life? Answer my question, why? Why because someone is poor and made bad decisions? Why should someone who may work hard, but not nearly as hard as my father, who happened to make great decisions sacrifice his family’s heritage and values for someone like Joe the plumber cousin? Well, I’ll tell you why, because if Obama is elected then the hard workers will work less hard, because they have less to work for. And then the worker who never worked hard, will work even less hard, because he get a portion of my Dad’s hard earned salary every month, because the Democrats are taking away that opportunity, and giving it away to the people who take their money for granted, and never worked a day in their life. THAT IS WHY! McCain’s plan encourages Joe the plumber’s cousin to work hard and start a small business, which will one day be a huge business. That is the American dream that made the millions of people step in Ellis Island. My goal in life is be successful, to be an American, and to fulfill the values and wishes of my family so long ago when we left Spain, no one, NO ONE, will take that away from me, no one.

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