Monday, October 20, 2008

Egg's Election Views

I believe that Barack Obama’s plan for taxes is the best possible way to go. His plan, in short, states that he would provide tax cuts for workers and families making less than $250,000. John McCain’s plan states that he would extend George Bush’s tax cuts and lower the tax rate for big corporate businesses. Under Obama’s plan, 95% of workers and families would receive tax cuts. I know that many wonder, what about the other 5%? Well, Obama actually states that wealthier families making over $250,000 would have to pay the same tax rate, or lower, than they did in 1990, before Bush’s tax cuts. This seems reasonable for the families who are more fortunate, and it is just simple fairness. McCain’s plan is simply a slight modification of George Bush’s plan, and how great has that been working for America? McCain is going to extend George Bush’s tax cuts for everyone, but everything is proportionate as I have stated in class. So if people have more money to spend, businesses would raise prices knowing that people could afford it, leaving us in the same situation we are in now. Also, McCain stated that he would cut the corporate tax rate to 25%, helping big businesses. This wouldn’t help the 95% of Americans that Obama’s plan would. So in summary, I believe that Barack Obama’s plan for taxes would bring change; it would bring positive change, and it would benefit America greatly.

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