Monday, October 20, 2008

What Rubbish: Election Views

I think Obama has a better economic plan than McCain. Obama’s plan includes cutting taxes for 95% Americans. This large number is the majority of Americans, middle class working families. This will enable struggling families to put food on their table, educate their children and so much more. His plan also involves raising taxes for the other 5% of Americans, people who make over $250,000. I think it is definitely fair. If a WORKING middle class American cannot make ends meet, why shouldn’t a well-off American help their fellow American by paying higher taxes? McCain on the other hand wants to cut taxes across the board. Won’t this boost our country’s deficit? He also wants to increase the tax breaks for larger corporations. He is convinced that this will make big corporations hire more employees, generally helping everyone. But let’s face it, America isn’t perfect and neither are its companies. Look at current Wall Street, for example. AIG, an insurance company, just received a major bailout from the government. Days after the bailout the company spent $440,000 on a retreat for executives. Big, corrupted companies like these, will take this huge tax break as a reason to splurge---on themselves. Who exactly does this help? Absolutely no one.

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