Monday, October 20, 2008

Q: Election Views

I agree with Senator McCain’s Economic plan. It will effectively help the economy without raising taxes.
John McCain’s first act to help the economy is his Lexington Project. The Lexington Project is an effort to employ people while developing clean and renewable energy. He plans to build 45 nuclear power plants by 2030. These power plants will provide jobs to more than 700,000 people. Not only will this plan employ people, it will provide cheap and clean energy to further help the economy and free our oil addiction.
Secondly John McCain will not raise taxes. Barrack Obama is planning to tax the top 5% of our country without realizing that these top 5% generate the most jobs in America. These entrepreneurs own businesses that employ a large percentage of the economy. Taxing them could directly affect the middle class that Senator Obama is trying so desperately to help.
McCain also wants to cut the Corporate tax rate from 35% to 25%. Instead of strangling businesses with taxes to pay for the lower and middle class, McCain will allow business to thrive which will in turn generate jobs and revenue.
In addition, Senator McCain would like to draft more free trade agreements in order to maximize our trading partners and help us contend with competing countries. Global trade would maximize sales and possibly help us get out of this recession. He would also to like to raise unemployment insurance, strengthen community colleges and expand the educational opportunities for less privileged students.
For immediate relief, Senator McCain would like to take a “tax holiday” at the pump from Memorial Day to Labor Day. His plan is to cut Federal taxes on gas during the summer to help families that are spending too much at the pump.
On the other hand, Obama plans on raising taxes anybody who makes more than $250,000 a year, that despite the fact that some of these people own businesses that employ a large percentage of America. McCain does plans to give equal opportunity by increasing educational programs and outlets instead of taking money from those that earned it rightfully.
In conclusion, I believe that Senator John McCain’s plan is better for small business, employment, and America.

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